Rolling Pins What's Your Preference

Rolling Pins - Blunt, Handled and French

Even in these days of ready prepared meals the rolling pin is one item of baking equipment that you can almost guarantee we have all used at some point in our lives.  Even if that was just to roll out play dough. Or the student favourite rolling pin of an empty wine or beer bottle (just remember to take the label off first, bits of sticky label in your pastry is not a good look). Which one is your preference, do you prefer to grip, roll or pivot?  Or do you own more than one rolling pin, depending on the job in hand.

Let's start with the ones that star in so many cartoons of husbands being chased around the house. the classic handled rolling pin.  The ones your grandmothers probably used.  Thankfully I have never had the need or the urge to chase Peter with one of these.  Then there is the French rolling pin one for those of you that like to do a lot of baking.  A totally beautiful thing and excellent for round pie crusts, roti and homemade wraps - due to its tapered ends that allow the pin to pivot as you roll.  Or are you a straight back and forward roller, like me, and prefer the more traditional blunt ended pin.  

All this talk of baking has made me hungry so off to eat some pizza bread with lashings of New Zealand butter.

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