Hallway - one of Cauliflowers favourite rooms


Of all the spaces in any house, in any building in fact, my favourite has always been the hallway.As Bill Bryson tells, the hallway was originally the whole house. It was a communal space where the extended family including the animals would sit, eat, sleep and work even. It was where the fire was. Over time the heads of the household decided they would like some privacy and added smaller rooms around the edges and these gradually increased in number, each developing a specific function and the hallway shrunk down into the connecting corridor that we are left with now.

It is a quiet space, one of light and shadows and distant sound, one that belongs to nobody and everybody at the same time. There are possibilities here, choices of where to go, and it provides a much needed breathing space for our minds as we switch tasks. Place a favourite piece of furniture or a painting or a bowl in there and you'll give it the space it needs to really be appreciated without distraction.

Yes, forgotten though that original function may be I reckon that if you pause and quietly stand in your hall you'll feel the vestigial spirit of those times persisting . . .


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