On Butterfly Wings

Village Green Cafe

As you may know Nicola and I are both designer-makers in our own right and Cauliflower exists to showcase our own work as well as that of other new Zealand based makers. Our days alternate between manning Cauliflower and working. We are lucky enough to be able to work from home here in Havelock North.

But working alone from home can be quite isolating and so I often start the day with coffee in a cafe. It allows me a small space in which to clear my head after the initial morning rush, scribble down any thoughts I may have and plan my day ahead.

But there is more. By choosing a locally owned business I am returning money to the local economy, supporting those around me and by extension myself. Studies support me on this. US figures show that a local business returns as much as 52% of revenue locally compared to 13.6% by national chains.

The World is a big place with big problems and trying to make a difference for the better can feel overwhelming. But any change will always come from a particular attitude of mind which will then determine how we decide to act in each moment. A coffee may only be a few dollars but choose wisely where you spend them and over time, given enough of us doing the same and that few dollars will start to add up.

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