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Time to celebrate all things ceramic

This week we have had an influx of beautiful ceramics, its been like ceramic Christmas.  First up was a carefully delivered box of bowls and hanging planters from the studio of Kaye Bustin. Then taking advantage of school holidays, we roped in our trainee assistant (by assistant I mean our youngest teenager earning pocket money), to take care of the shop for a couple of hours, and we headed out down the Tukituki valley to visit Kim Morgan's pottery.  A great drive, a great visit and a returning car full of Kim's great pottery.  Only downside is I forgot my camera, so no pictures of the trip, you will just have to drive down there yourself to see how beautiful it...

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Making life simple............

We all have busy lives, too much to do - too little time.  Here at Cauliflower we would like to make things that little bit more simple with our Collect In Store collection.  No time to get to the shop?  Just buy online and we will have your purchase ready for you to pick up in store. Not only that but we can also hand deliver in the Havelock North area.  Maybe you saw something you liked in the shop last time you dropped in, but needed to have a think about it, or needed to measure up a table or space.  Or even if you saw something you liked in the window, when you went past on your morning...

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Kim Morgan - Coffee Cups back in stock

We have another batch of our fastest selling item back in stock.  Coffee cups created by Kim Morgan, they really do just fly of the shelves.  We also have a new item to add to our Kim Morgan stock  - white utensil holders or as Peter called them vases. Kim is a master potter and lives on the banks of the Tuki Tuki just south of Havelock North.  Kim's work is well known throughout New Zealand and very collectible.  Kim learned his craft by getting hands on with the clay.  His first pottery was set up on Jersey in the Channel Islands before moving back home to New Zealand.

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