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Sustainability - Sarah Douglas, Weaver

Sara learnt to weave fifteen years ago and loves to keep the tradition of hand weaving alive in these times of automation.  Hand woven fabric is light, soft and warm, and very sustainable. It has a beauty that can not be matched by machine made textiles.

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Since the days when I would walk the hills of the Scottish Borders or wander aimlessly through the Edinburgh streets at dusk, I have always loved maps. I can spend hours reading them. Like a book they take me away to explore remote hills and valleys, to walk beside rivers or through hidden city streets, my own personal Lord of the Rings perhaps. So I suppose it was only natural that when we started coming across old coffee tables with damaged tops restoring them using maps was inevitable. This latest one, already off to a new home is an Oak coffee table. Oak tanins  tend to stain and in this case it has darkened the paper map giving it a...

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On Butterfly Wings

As you may know Nicola and I are both designer-makers in our own right and Cauliflower exists to showcase our own work as well as that of other new Zealand based makers. Our days alternate between manning Cauliflower and working. We are lucky enough to be able to work from home here in Havelock North. But working alone from home can be quite isolating and so I often start the day with coffee in a cafe. It allows me a small space in which to clear my head after the initial morning rush, scribble down any thoughts I may have and plan my day ahead. But there is more. By choosing a locally owned business I am returning money to...

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