Have you ever had that feeling that you would like to do something, you would like to help the world change.  We did, we wanted to make a  difference, we wanted to tread lightly.  That is why at the very core of Cauliflower is sustainability.  By making those sustainable choices, that our customers may not even be aware of, we can make small steps that will reduce both our and their footprint. Sustainability is why we started Cauliflower, its what drives us.  Its all about giving our customers a choice of an ecological alternative and leaving the world no worse than we found it.  Not that we are perfect, but we are trying.  Here are some of the initiatives we have set up already -

  • Provide alternatives to plastic homewares
  • Replace plastic shopping bags with paper or reuseable bags made from fabric remnants
  • Use recycled timber or sustainabily grown New Zealand timber
  • We do not use hard woods from the rain forests, for example teak
  • We use New Zealand eco ply in furniture - no mdf 
  • Keep packaging on products to a minimum
  • Source stock from local suppliers and New Zealand suppliers reducing transportation
  • Support local makers and give them an outlet for their designs
  • Wherever possible buy local and build community
  • Find ways to recycle and use up our waste products
  • Use local wool for products
  • Create knitted products as there is no wastage, no edges to cut off
  • The linen project - our biggest project to grow linen plants and produce our own organic linen fabric
  • Constantly research ideas to increase ways we can reduce our impact on the environment
  • Our goods are made to last - there is no built in obsolescence
  • Paper free - we offer to email receipts to customers rather than print paper ones

This is just the start this list will grow.  If you have a good idea then let us know and we will try to incorporate it.

You can see some examples here