Your Wedding List

Your wedding is the one moment in your life that is the most planned, the most shared and the most remembered.  A good wedding is one that despite the hiccups (and there will be hiccups that's just life) , its enjoyed by everyone and remembered with fondness.  In other words weddings should be fun. 

The wedding list is a crucial part of wedding planning and it can be fraught with worries and pitfalls on your part and on the part of your guests.  We have a number of ways we can smooth out this whole process for you.  From a gift list in our shop to sourcing and organising a wider gift list.  We have a wide range of local and national contacts to call upon.  As more and more couples already have their homes set up, guests are looking for  something special - unique one off gifts - gifts that will augment and enrich a couples life.  

We are happy to help, make suggestions, source that perfect gift, organise group gifts and just make gift giving and selecting easy and fun.  Email us at, to make an appointment to discuss your plans, hopes and dreams - or for us to select that perfect gift for you to give. 

Photographs are all thanks to our families generosity. Three generations of wonderfully happy marriages, over the last 70 plus years.